Online Roulette game is one of the highly recognized casino table games that you will find in most gambling casinos. The game has been around for many decades and has experienced increasing popularity among casino gamblers all over the world. The history of the game can be traced to the time when a French man named Blaise Pascal was trying to develop a perpetual motion machine. Even though the design was not successful, it is the predecessor of today's roulette game. For related articles, you can check out .

The introduction of the internet brought a new dawn to the world of an online roulette game. Ever since then, many variations of the game have been developed to let the player enjoy the game more. The many variations of online roulette can be categorized into two main variants. The first variant is the American Roulette, which comprises of 38 pockets (0, 00 and 1-36). The other variant is European Roulette, which comprises of 37 pockets (0 and 1-36). The most popular variant is the European Roulette.

Online Roulette Bets

One of the important tips is to get acquainted with the kind of bets that are available in the game of roulette. There are basically two types of roulette bets that you can choose from. The first type is inside bets. From its name, the inside bets are bets places with the roulette wheel. If you are familiar with the online roulette table, you will find some numbers on the table. When you bet on those number, it is regarded as an inside bet. Examples include Line, Straight Up, Basket, Street etc.

Additionally, players should know that inside bets comes with a lesser odd but has a high payout. So, these type of bet is mostly recommended for professional roulette players. The other type of roulette bet is outside bets. Different from the inside bets, outside bets are placed on the additional sectors available on the table. The type of outside bets include Dozen, Odd or Even, Black or Red, Column bet, etc. Outside bets are recommended for players who are just getting started with online roulette.


Online Roulette Strategies

Online roulette is one of the casino games that are purely based on luck. However, some betting strategies can be used to increase your chances of winning at online roulette game. One of the betting strategies that you can choose from is the Martingale betting strategy. When you choose this strategy, you will need to raise your stake for every loss in the game. You will continue to raise your bet until you land a win. After that, you will return back to your initial wager.

Additionally, you can also make use of the Reverse Martingale betting strategy. In this strategy, players will need to raise their bet for every win in the game. You will continue to raise your stake until you lose a bet. Then, you can return to your initial wager. Other betting strategies include Fibonacci, D'Alembert, James Bond, and many more. We want players to note that all these betting strategies are recommended for players with a large betting bankroll Also, we advise players to develop a good money management strategy.